wooden round jacuzzi spa hot tub How to Quiet a Hot Tub Pump

by:ALPHA     2019-06-10

When the hot water bath cylinder pump does not work properly, it may become noisy.Since the hot water bath pump is only used for about six to eight years, the noise from the hot water bath pump means it's time to repair or replace the pump.Before the pump fails and damages other parts of the hot tub (such as heaters), any loud noise that is highlighted by the pump should be handled in a timely manner.The Spa Motor also makes a lot of noise, which is an internal issue that you should fix in time.Disconnect the power supply for security reasons and remove the access panel of the spa.If slice valves are installed on both sides of the pump, please close them.If you don't have these valves, remove the hot tub.Check the hot water bath cylinder pump to see if it is hot and find out if the pump is bad bearing due to leakage of seal shaft.If so, your pump is not turning freely and you are wasting money.Determine if your hot water bath cylinder pump is noisy because there is no or low water flow.Clean or replace the filter if necessary and check if the pressure switch is blocked.If there is still no or insufficient water flow, check the circulation and filter pump.Contact a spa professional in your area to diagnose problems with the pump and then repair or install a new pump.Trying to fix these problems with a hot tub can be dangerous and can even damage the hot tub.
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