wooden round jacuzzi spa hot tub How to Troubleshoot Jacuzzi Jet Pressure

by:ALPHA     2019-06-11

You fill up your Jacuzzi and climb in, only to find that there is almost no pressure on the jet.With such a weak jet, you will not experience the relaxing massage effect of the Jacuzzi as expected.Incorrect Jacuzzi settings or dirty and clogged filters can cause jet pressure problems.To improve the spa experience, troubleshoot the Jacuzzi to find the root cause of the jet pressure problem.Fix it with just a few buttons or more complicated methods.Transfer the jet to the full "on" position.The Jacuzzi allows you to change the pressure on each plane.You can even turn off the jet altogether.Turn the plate around the jet counter-clockwise and open all the way.Perform this task using all Jacuzzi jets.If this solves your stress problem, you don't need to move on.Find the main control panel for the Jacuzzi.Press the button marked "spray 1.\ "This will turn the pump #1 off and on.If off, pressing this button will turn it on and resolve the jet pressure issue.Turn on all air controllers to add more air and pressure to the nozzle.To open it, press the Jacuzzi symbol on each button.Press the side of the button without the symbol to turn it off.Power off the Jacuzzi to avoid electrical accidents while cleaning the filter.Lift the Jacuzzi filter hatch.Pull it to you to get access to the filter.Open the slag bag.Rinse clean and remove any pieces stuck to the bag.Replace in filter room.Turn each cartridge counter-clockwise and remove it from the housing.Dip the filter cartridge into clear water and rinse away the sundries.When underwater, tilt the cartridge to a 45 degree angle to release any capture bubbles that may affect the injection pressure.Replace the cartridges and turn them clockwise to make sure they are in place.Push the filter door back into place until you hear a click.Open the Jacuzzi and test the jet pressure.If the pressure problem is caused by the blockage of the filter, the pressure should be good now.
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