wooden round jacuzzi spa hot tub What Are the Best Hot Tub Chemicals?

by:ALPHA     2019-06-12

Hot tub is a hot choice for families to relax and relieve tired muscles, but they are also expensive and need constant maintenance.Because the water is heated, people go in and out and bring bacteria into the water from their skin, your hot tub will be full of bacteria.Bacteria breed in large quantities in warm water, which means that the hot tub must be kept clean and must kill the bacteria in order to avoid infection.The use of several different chemicals will work, but the level of the chemical must be measured to ensure the correct level.Chemicals should only be added when the hot tub is not in use, when the water is warm and the stirring speed is low, so that the chemicals are evenly dispersed.There are two kinds of chemicals used to disinfect the water in the hot tub: chlorine and Bromo.Both chemicals are present in the form of tablets and pellets.Only chemicals designed for hot tub purchase.Don't add any chemicals if people are in the hot tub.In fact, there are several different types of Bromo.Sodium bromide must be used with an activator such as mono-potassium or chlorine.No activator is required for BCDMH.It is a combination of Bromo and chlorine, which makes it self-containedactivating.Because Bromo does not emit a strong smell of chlorine, it is liked by many people.Ozone is an oxidation chemical that can kill bacteria in a hot tub.A special device called an ozone generator that converts conventional oxygen into ozone and distributes ozone into water.Even if ozone kills bacteria, you still need to use low levels of chlorine and Bromo to completely disinfect the water.Ozone does not interfere with or react negatively to other chemicals, so it is safe to use it.Keeping the pH of the hot tub is as important as keeping the level of disinfectant.The ideal pH is 7.0, is neutral.Acid water with a pH value of less than 7.2, enough to damage the pump and filter.Too alkaline water with a pH of more than 7.8, a build will be created-up of scale.To increase the pH, you need to add alkaline compounds like bicarbonate.For every 500 gallons of water, add 1/3 cups of bicarbonate to increase the alkalinity of 20 parts per million.Acid needs to be added to reduce Ph.The most common solution is hydrochloric acid, which is hydrochloric acid.
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