wooden round jacuzzi spa hot tub Why Honey Bees Gather Around Hot Tubs

by:ALPHA     2019-06-12

There is no doubt that the hot tub attracts bees.The combination of water vapor, chemicals and scents draws bees to one of the last places you want.Killing bees without the use of harmful chemicals will take place twicepronged attack.In spring, your hot tub provides a tempting source of warm water for bees coming out of the hive after a long winter.The heat of the bathtub spreads water vapor into the air, attracting the attention of any bee in the area.Once they get used to using the hot tub as a water source, they will continue to do so in the summer out of habit, take the water back and use it to cool the hive.Your hot tub provides more than just water for bees.Water vapor that floats through the air contains tempting salts and chemicals.Bees need minerals like all animals.Before the flowers bloom, a local hot tub looks like a bee lunch.Bees are also attracted to the human felomeng floating around the hot tub, especially the one that has not been thoroughly cleaned recently.Once the bees gather in your hot tub, you will have to provide them with better service somewhere nearby to change their habits.Give the bee a shallow pot with sand on the bottom and enough water to cover it almost.In this way, they can stand on the beach and drink without drowning.Keep the pan further away from the hot tub every day.The second pot in which sea salt is dissolved in water will provide the required minerals.Even if you think your hot tub is fairly clean, take the time to drain and clean it thoroughly and refill it.Make sure to clear any dead bees in the area at the same time.Finally, always keep the lid of the hot tub when the hot tub is not in use.In addition to being a physical barrier, the lid can prevent water vapor and tempting smells from spreading around in the wind.
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