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Okinawa is a small island chain south of Japan's main island.Although Okinawa people are considered Japanese, they are still a very different people from the Japanese.Okinawa people are Chinese and in my opinion their skin is usually a little deeper and usually higher.
Good way to think about Okinawa.
The difference between Japan and Japan is that Okinawa to Japan is like Hawaii to the United States.This is a popular destination for mainlanders looking for tropical resorts.The main island of Okinawa is only 60 miles long and only 5 miles narrow in some places.
As we all know, the residents there have a long life span and are one of the highest (if not the highest) Life expectancy in the world.Some people have contributed to the diet and lifestyle of Okinawa.Okinawa people mainly eat fish and vegetables and lead a life known as "worth living" or "purposeful life ".
"Many Okinawans worked well in their 50 s, and many Americans stopped doing these things in their 40 s.The island is home to a large military presence in the United States.So, English-Tourists who speak will not have any trouble asking for directions.
Looking for something to do in Okinawa?Okinawa is a tropical paradise. people are very friendly.For the three years I have lived there, I have done almost nothing I want to do.I didn't even approach eating at all the restaurants near where I stayed, and I often eat outside.
If you are lucky, I have compiled some valuable information here on how to plan your trip to Okinawa.So, if you have a chance to visit this gem in the Pacific, remember this list.Have fun!1.Sushi in Okinawa.Do I really want to say this?After all, Okinawa is part of Japan.
Yoshi \'s is a very popular place in the United States near jiachanab.He travels a lot, and from the pictures on the wall, he knows many famous people.Zen Sushi is also good.It is located in the Sunabi Seawall area with a small area but very good and affordable price.
American village.
My favorite place is sushi in the American village near the Dragon Palace arcade.Note: they have two sushi boats in the American village, but the other one is not good.It smells like an old fish.Sushi Boat, also known as sushi go round, is a style that offers sushi in which small plates with prices corresponding/marked with prices are placed on the conveyor belt and around the restaurantYou can sit down and start catching.
I like it because it is fast and cheap, the place is very relaxed and the people are very friendly.2.Okinawa is the preferred destination for diving and snorkeling.There are several shops on the island where you can buy and rent equipment and you can get certification.
Most of these places can provide you with diving guides for all parts of the island.Okinawa is the birthplace of karate.Mr.Myagi of Karate Kid is based on a real-life karate master in Okinawa.Practicing karate in Okinawa is like taking a surfing class in Hawaii, and this is something that has to be done.
There are a lot of schools and modern art like mixed martial arts is more popular, but I would recommend going to traditional schools to have a look.It's hard to find them sometimes.Karate is inseparable in culture.People only know that this is part of the reason why there is no obvious advertising where to go.Yellow Pages and the Internet are a good starting point, but some of the more mature schools may not be listed there.
If you are only on the island, a good starting point is Murasaki Mura in the village of Yomitan (Central Area.This is a replica of an old Okinawa village.In addition to having a picturesque dojo that looks like a temple, there are glass making, food, crafts and many other activities and attractions in the village.
For a real martial arts experience, you can sleep in the village of the dojo.It's rustic and basic, but you can brag to your friends about how spiritual and hard it is.Not to mention, along a path behind the village, you are close to a very good beach.
Note, however, that not many people go swimming because there is no lifeguard or fishing net to separate these creatures from the swimmers.The bonfire is still a cool place, though.Karate in Okinawa is different from karate in the United States.
Most dojo in the United States seems to follow the Japanese tradition: strict, formal.A coach who practiced with me told me not to bow every time I go in and out.Only once at the beginning and end of class is enough.
If I leave the floor for a break, there is no need to bow again.Also, I can take a break if I need.Because late or early leave.The other coach I trained was sometimes not at the top.Hey, it\'s hot!The key word is leisure.Okinawa has not yet become an international destination for surfers, but it does remind me of Hawaii because the water there is blue and very clear and you can see the bottom directly.
Most places are coral reefs and it feels cool, but some places are crowded.Check out the local surf shop before you go out.Some places are considered very dangerous due to tidal conditions.
Once I saw a man riding too far in the waves and getting all his fins off!Also, be careful because the coral reefs are very sharp!I always wear shoes, but I still have scars, not just on my feet, but on the back after wiping off the reef.Besides that, it was a very interesting surfing.In winter, the best part of surfing is the west and south.
In the summer, it is on the east side and on the north side.The Typhoons are not very consistent there, but it is so good when they are consistent!However, the population may be a problem during this period.Thankfully, there is a lot of rest time here.
The castle is located in Naha, the main and largest city in Okinawa.It is the royal home of the once independent country.It's a cool place to recover completely as well (or maybe never need ).
) I like to look around and take pictures best.Parking is easy but you drive in Naha so there are not many big cars around.6.In Okinawa, the north end of the island has a giant chicken statue that looks north from the sea.
I don't know why it's there, but we have to go.It was very interesting to have a road trip there.You can stop at cool moms and pop music venues along the way and venture out of the old way into the unknown.
Once you arrive north of Nago on the 58 th, there is nothing but a beautiful country and sea.Take the highway as far north as possible and jump to No. 58.The world's largest tug-of-war competition is held every year in Naha.
It marks the beginning of a festival dating back to the 17 th century.Anyone can attend, so go there early and find a place.The competition lasted for 30 minutes, and the challenge was to pull another team 15 metres in total.
If neither side pulls the other side 15 metres, then whichever side pulls the farthest victory of the other side.Love Motel is cheesy with paid themeby-the-One hour motel for you and your other half to have fun.If that's not the case, it's just fun to check out with a group of friends.
Okinawa families usually have generations living in the same family, so the time spent alone with your partner is precious in the past and present.Enter the love motel, where a young couple, or a horny teenager, or stress-Parents can go out and have time to be with each other.They are also very cautious, so you will never be seen or seen by another person, even the staff.
My wife and I had a private garage in our room when I first went.Three rooms-Story apartment with pool and hot tub on the second floor.You can order food and ship it through a special door so you can no longer see the delivery man.
There are topics like the volcano room or the moon room.Within the cost range, but in most cases it's about $40-60 in an hourComplete all the luxury you will expect from an ordinary hotel with some special channels on the TV to increase your mood...If you like that, of course.9.I didn't really become a fan of karaoke until I arrived in Japan, but it was actually very fun!You can also get on the stage.
Can't you sing well?No problem.
Just choose an interesting song.
People will be with you if you are bad and/or interesting.Really good people just get a quiet audience because no one wants to ruin a wonderful show with comedy Bells --along.I highly recommend the Keystone bar at Gate 2, AB Street, Khandana.
It's small so you'll have this place if you go there with a dozen people!Help me say hello to dad.Haba sake is a sweet wine with a Vipers snake inside.It is often considered a test of drinking courage.
However, I have never had enough courage, but it is a very unique attempt if you are on the island.Although I have never done it myself, it does look bad.Visit to Keramas.Although I flew over it, I was very disappointed that there was no chance to really visit.
On the other hand, my wife was lucky enough to spend the whole day on Tokashiki (the picture at the beginning of this article ).You need to take the ferry from Naha and it will take about an hour.Besides being an awesome place to visit, Keramas should be one of the best places to dive and snorkel.
Hiji Falls is a cool tropical waterfall located north of the island.Especially after the heavy rain, don't swim in it.You get a hook.It will be hard to resist as it can be hot to hike to the waterfall and the water looks very tempting when you get there.
However, the ocean is not far away, so go there.Take the highway as far north as possible, then take 58.Look for signs.Okinawa's Chumauri Aquarium is the second largest aquarium after Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium.
Whale shark tanks and several man-made beaches are on site.The price is a bit expensive but worth it, especially if you 've never seen a whale shark before.14.You can sign up for whale shark diving at Okinawa I Beach Scuba Locker, the only MWR facility in Okinawa that offers this service.
$95 for one dive and $130 for two dives.
On the weekend, whale shark diving tour will leave the scuba locker at 8 in the morning.m.and 12 p.m.Leave at 9: 00 on weekdays.m.For more information about diving with whale sharks, please call 644-4290.Here's a problem, you need a government ID/base access to get to Tori station, so check this out before you show up without it.
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