youtube video on how to build a wooden hot tub how emptiness applies to tai chi chuan - martial arts

by:ALPHA     2019-06-21
When learning the ancient art of Taijiquan, many people are wrong.It's easy for us to go the wrong way because the world wants to push us back.This establishes the standard that this article tries to correct.
When a person starts an internal art teaching like taijiquan, the first lesson to be learned is empty.This does not mean to make your body limp, but to relax.If you relax, then you give up the muscle system, which will leave room for appreciating their energy system.
Instead of showing energy like using muscles, learn to give up muscle contraction and accept the feeling of the world.If you are manifesting, if you are releasing energy, then the feeling of entering cannot pass through the energy of going out.If a person is walking around throughout the day, manifesting Energy, also known as chi power, then at least perception is tilted and unreal.
When the body stops pushing the energy, the student will begin to appreciate the space of the body.This is an actual "universe" in which the student no longer uses his physical perception, but instead uses consciousness to see all the corners and gaps within his body, never ending space.Success in this regard, students will realize that there is energy in the space.
..All he has to do is relax and let him grow up.When a person starts doing this for the first time, it can be frustrating, and the evolving energy in the body will escape the attempt of student growth.The student must realize that the harder he works, the harder he makes chi.
Moreover, he will understand that the less physical energy he uses, the more chi power he will have.When it first appeared, the energy was like a huge wave, as the water in the hot tub swayed back and forth.The real cause of form and body will become easy to see.
The body makes energy, like a large old battery, and this form is a way to make the battery work.On the premise of paying attention to details, raw energy will become a refined gas energy, and technology can be invested when necessary. students will become an excellent martial artist.
Students will see that kung fu forms and other things are a way of mentally training themselves to flow chi's power according to his wishes.At this stage of the development of martial arts, the door to the flood is open and students will continue to gain a greater experience.All in all, there are several steps from beginner to advanced Taijiquan.
If you can relax and let the body evolve into emptiness, the Tai Chi Chuan directive becomes a catalyst for turning a person into a highly evolved spiritual being
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