youtube video on how to build a wooden hot tub Legerwood : Closure major blow to tiny community

by:ALPHA     2019-06-26
The 83-year-old resident and former owner Hector Ross are pessimistic about the future of the town."It's a blow to our north --"East community," he said."About six locals have to go.\"It\'s a top-High grade butter factory closedIt is now standing on the street, the cost of building it is between $3 and $4 million, and there is a happy padlock on its door.
Ross was born in blancholm, where his father runs a grocery store.He remembers his father making ice cream."In the early days, we used to get a big chunk of ice in a bag covered with sawdust.\ "I had to wash the ice and put it in a clean bag and break it with the back of the axe.
Then we put it in the tub and turn the happy handle.It takes about 15 minutes."We will cover it overnight with a potato bag and you will open it in the morning with ice cream there."We have penny ice cream in the cups we sell and you can eat it," he said .
Ross started his work and life at the age of 16 at the Wardlaw Brothers general store in wardaroooma.From farmers' seeds and fertilizers to top products, it sells everything --Upscale women's clothing.After World War II, he bought his own store in Legerwood and ran it for 55 years until he retired.
The business runs a bread van every day and delivers goods to the farm.Hot pies and pies will be prepared for "factory boys" at eleven o'clock A.M. and eleven o'clock A.M. every day.In addition to the dairy industry, the main industry in the area is timber.
Before the war, there was a black Wood sawmill in the town.The wood was taken from the bush to a wooden railroad line immediately.drawn trolley.The tram line came down the street and a shop built a balcony on it.
Now there is no wood milling locally and the logs are transported by truck to Launceston or Scottsdale, which is not a pleasant change for Mr Ross."The truck runs all day and all night through legwood," he said .".He said that Ringarooma and Legerwood are close communities where everyone helps each other.
Now, the community is deteriorating as the farm is merged and taken over by big companies.Ringarooma lost its big store with only one business left.Legerwood still has a shop with takeout, but the post office was closed three years ago.
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