Alphasauna Aluminum Buckets with Ladles

This aluminum bucket is one of our newest style and special sauna buckets. It was made with exquisite craftwork and the unique processing way.  
In terms of material selection, we use 2.5mm thickness aluminum plate material, and the finished aluminum bucket is 2.3mm thickness.
In the surface treatment, we use advanced oxidation technology to make the surface of the material smooth without any spots. Besides,there are many color are available to choose, including champagne gold color, coffee color, green color, silver color, and other customized options.
Welcome to contact us if you have any further need, good luck.
Golden color aluminum bucket
Coffee color aluminum bucket
Three high-end color aluminum buckets
Packing coffee color aluminum buckets
Packing golden color aluminum buckets
Some delicate green aluminum buckets
Delicate wholesale golden aluminum buckets
Wholesale coffee color aluminum buckets
Green wholesale aluminum buckets
Coffee color Aluminum buckets
Engineer inspects aluminum buckets
A batch golden aluminum buckets
Golden color aluminum spoons
Colorful delicate aluminum spoons
Nailing the spoon


Alphasauna products are sold worldwide.

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