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Alphasauna New Design Sauna Aluminum Buckets

Alphasauna New Design Sauna Aluminum Buckets


This video will show you the whole process from assembly to packaging of our our new design sauna aluminum buckets and ladles, so that you can clearly understanding of our sauna aluminum buckets and ladles. Great, let’s go and enjoy this video please.

At the beginning of video, you can see three different colored sauna aluminum buckets that have not yet assembled the handles, Coffee color aluminum bucket, Champagne gold color aluminum bucket and Green color aluminum bucket. These are so delicate and special, and these three colors are our classic color, of course, we have any other color for choose, such as silver color, red color etc.

A completed sauna aluminum buckets is composed of two parts, aluminum buckets and bamboo handles. Each aluminum bucket through the advanced oxidation technology, so that the surface is more luster and traceless. The bamboo handle is also polished by hand to meke it smoother and more confortable.

As for the package, each sauna aluminum bucket is separated by a piece of kraft paper, and there is a protective film between the two for isolation protection, to prevent the friction between the bucket and bucket. These packing are all seaworthy.

The sauna aluminum buckets with ladles are assembled successfully through a series of processes, such as nailing, installing bamboo handles and polishing. Firstly, punch holes in aluminum buckets and ladles, install bamboo handles, and then polish them, at last, a set of sauna aluminum buckets with ladles is finished.

In video, you will see the mass production of sauna aluminum buckets and ladles in different colors. They are not only exquisite workmanship with high quality, and large output, to meet the needs of a large number of customers.

These sauna aluminum buckets and ladles are the latest model of our company, and its general capacity is 5L, you can choose the aluminum bucket with straight bamboo handle or curved handle. Besides, we can accept customized sauna aluminum buckets and ladles as per your need and requirement, and you can provide us with your drawings, dimensions etc information, or tell us your requirement, and we will help you to design it.

Come and customize your prefer sauna aluminum buckets, wait for you.



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