An interesting meeting between Alphasauna and Deke
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An interesting meeting between Alphasauna and Deke

At the end of 2018, Alphasauna team welcome a group of friend from the Huizhou Deke Photoelectric Co.,Ltd. In order to express our enthusiasm, we have prepared the fruits and blackboard newspaper early. On the 10:00 am, they went to our company office to visit. Before the meeting, we both introduce ourselves. According to this chance, we know better the Deke friends which call Viva, Dandy, Amber, Wendy, Jerry . We mainly discuss how the foreign trade salesman better use the Alibaba  platform.
Alphasauna sales the barrel sauna room, wooden hot tub, sauna pillow, sauna bucket and ladle, sauna thermometer and hygrometer, camping house, panoramic sauna room on the alibaba. And the Deke mainly sales traffic road block amber light on the alibaba. The Deke boss who called Jerry said their company met a big problem about the foreign trade business. Kitty, the foreign trade executive of our company, has answered all their questions. First, they need to improve the company's website and enrich the content. Second, their company should train foreign trade salesmen and improve their professional quality. Third, they need to upload more products and increase their exposure on alibaba. They thanked Kitty for her suggestions and said they would make improvements.
After the meeting, we visited our factory. They were interested in our products, such as sauna back rest, sauna sand timer, aroma cup, sauna lamp shade and so on. As a token of our friendship, we gave them the hourglass as a souvenir when they left. According to this communication, both of us have gained a lot. For them, it is better to know the existing problems and solve them. For us, helping others is also a happy thing. At the same time, we should make continuous efforts to improve our professional ability. 2018 will soon be over, hopefully in the new year, we can please climb up another high-rise. In 2019, we will meet more customers from different countries, and hope to meet their different needs! Come on! Alphasauna team! We are the best team!
A board newspaper welcoming Deke's visit
Kitty is making a solution
Jerry are talikng about their company
Wendy are saying her customer
They're clapping.
Deke's foreign trade salesmen
We're sharing experiences.
We sat in the showroom talking to each other
Candice are taking about the email from customer
Jomie are talking about the alibaba platform
We are eating the friuts
We have in-depth communication
Kitty is analyzing their problems
Kittty are talking about her story
We prepare to leave the factory
We introduced our products to them
We are visting alpha sauna factory
We are going to the facory to visit