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How long the stair about the tiny house?
The length of the stair would according to the size of tiny house. If the stairs of a small house are lower, the larger one will be a little higher.
May we know the panoramic camping house only have clear glass?
Not only clear acrylic plexiglass wall, our company have brown color acrylic plexiglass wall, full clear flat tempered glass wall, full brown color flat tempered glass wall, half brown color flat tempered glass wall, half clear color flat tempered glass wall. So the customers are free to choose different glass.
May we know the bed size in the camping house?
Actually, our camping house’s bed standard size is 1500MM*2000MM, and it can also customized to different size according to customers’ requirement.
How many sizes do you have about the camping house?
We have kinds of different size. Dia. 1800*1800mm; Dia.1800*2100mm; Dia. 1800*2400mm; Dia. 1800*3000mm; Dia. 2100*1800mm; Dia. 2100*2100mm; Dia. 2100*2400mm; Dia. 2100*3000mm; Dia. 2100*3200mm. Customized length can up to 4.2M.
May I know your camping house equipment?
The camping house including barrel room, foundation, room door, seat, hanger, cup holder, footstep, bed, shower panel and etc completely luxury sets, and other supplier in Chinese market have no such special and luxury version. We believe that our different woodcraft and accessories can help you standing out in market. 
If you supply the bedclothes in the camping house?
So sorry that we won’t supply the bedclothes in the camping house because of different customers have different request. So the customers can buy the bedclothes from the local market.
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