Hot tub feedback


Today, I am very happy to receive the feedback from the Australian customer about the hot tub. Let's have a look at it together.

The client bought it for personal use.This hot tub is made of cedar wood, the size is 2100*1200MM, with an external wood stove.The customer sent me an inquiry from Alibaba, asking about the price of our hot tub. In order to timely reply to the customer's information, I asked for the contact information of Whatsapp with the customer, and then we kept in touch on Whatsapp.The customer's love for cedar wood can be said to be very high, he is very persistent about cedar wood, the customer asked for cedar wood material at the beginning, and then we gave the customer a quotation, the customer felt that our price is much higher than that of other suppliers.He said that the price offered by other suppliers would be lower, but the customer did not want to talk with me. Seeing the customer's idea, I immediately suggested the customer to change the material, introduced another material to the customer, and gave him a quotation. But the client didn't like other materials. He just liked cedar. Then I changed my mind and suggested a smaller size to the customer, but the customer did not want it. Therefore, in order to catch customers, I sent them a lot of product pictures and production pictures of our company to let them know that we are a professional supplier of hot tubs. We have our own factory, we produce products in large quantities to customers, and we cooperate with many large companies to provide products for them.All the cedar materials of our company are imported from Canada, and we tell our customers that there are different grades of the same cedar material, and the price between different grades will be very different. After further understanding, the customer decided to place this order with us.

After a month of shipping, the hot tub was finally delivered to the customer. The customer was very excited and told us that he was very satisfied with the quality of the hot tub, he took some pictures of the assembly in the yard and sent them to me, and told me that his neighbors were very satisfied!The customer was really friendly and said he could consider asking his neighbors to buy too!

We are really happy to receive satisfactory feedback from our customers! It is the original intention of Alphasauna team to provide customers with high quality products and improve their quality of life.



Alphasauna products are sold worldwide.

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