How many hourglass sand timer are produced by ALP per month?
With advanced domestic and international manufacturing gear, ALPHA SAUNA & SWIMMING POOL SUPPLIER CO.,LTD achieves good monthly production quantity. Since inception, we've received an increasing amount of orders and also this has therefore motivated a larger production capacity of the mill. We will pursue additional growth of power in the long run.

With cutting-edge technology and professional staff equipped, ALPHASAUNA is proud to be the leading outdoor sauna supplier. ALPHA's wooden bucket is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. There are several reasons for the sales increase in the marketing rate, one of them is indoor sauna and another one is indoor sauna. Alpha sauna room comes with a whole-life technology support. Alpha stream generator is of strong structure and good heat dissipation. . with strong production strength, ALPHASAUNA guarantees the bulk production of outdoor sauna,outside sauna as well as the high quality.

We always welcome any new ideas and suggestions to improve the quality and service that we believe in! Check now!
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