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Today, one of my Canadian customers who placed an order with us in March finally completed it.

This is an order from a Canadian customer who ordered is barrel sauna with thermowood material.

I got a inform form our warehouse that my order can be shipped today, I am very happy to hear that ,take some photos of products packaged,and sent to my customer, because his product is customized, and it is material is a new promotion, he never know this kind wood, our factory promised him to provide freely high-definition pictures for his products, so we invite a professional photographer to help customers take the assembled sauna room,which will be more helpful for the customerto promote his product better in his local market. This is a special service for VIP customers in our factory.

Since my customer recognized with quality of our products and satisfaction with our professional service, he doesnt hesitate to order a high container from us at the first time.

Our factory pay high attention to the wholesale customers, from raw material ordered, materials selected, until assembly to package.  The quality of products will be controlled strictly, so our sauna room will be assembled at our factory in advance before shipment, then packaged into the wooden box .

 When I send the whole assembled sauna room pictures to the customer, the customer is very confused if our sauna are full assembled for shipping? In fact, our sauna is assembled in the factory to ensure that all the accessories can be complete, at the same time, some rotten materials will be selected in the process of assembly, so that the goods are good when customers received

We don't recommend the whole assembly for shipping,firstly, the sauna room will be damaged during shipping,secondly, the large volume of the sauna room will cause unnecessary waste of space and increase the freight cost for customers. Therefore, our sauna room is normally shipped in pieces, and the customer can assemble it locally, which not only saves the freight cost for the customer, but also make customer to enjoy the fun after assembly.

Many customers will worry about not being able to assemble because they are not very professional,for this question,you shouldnt be worried, because we will provide paper assembly instructions and videos until the customers can assemble independently.

Guarantee of alphasauna:

First, we are a wood factory, the warranty of wood is 3-5 years, and electric stove is 1 year.

Second, will provide free technical consultation all the time

Third,our factory delivery time is the shortest in the whole sauna industry.

Would you like to know more about saunas? Alphasauna always welcome you




Alphasauna products are sold worldwide.

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