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Outdoor Barrel Sauna of the Swiss Customers

Outdoor Barrel Sauna of the Swiss Customers


Alphasauna Outdoor barrel saunas’ simple panel construction makes it easy to assemble anywhere you have space. At the same time, saunas integrated walls and gable system ensure you will enjoy a strong, durable sauna that will be perfect at home or outside for many years to come.

The barrel sauna room kits are fully insulated and available with high quality Finland pine wood or Canadian red cedar. Customers could also add a roofing shingle on the top of the sauna room and make it more resistant to decay.

Inside, you’ll enjoy all the comfort, style and attention to detail you expect from Alphasauna completed sauna accessories sets which include guard bar, hanger, cup holder, footstep, headrest, Harvia brand electric heater, sauna bucket, ladle, sand timer, thermometer and hygrometer,stainless steel aroma cup, fragrance oil, etc. 


One Swiss customer had a sauna room order on our factory last month, it was a great pleasure of us to cooperate with him, as we know, the Swiss watch and knife  is famous for it’s strict standard and high quality, in the same way, this customer also have the high quality standard, after the several hard negotiation with the customer, finally we won trust of him, during this production, we really convert all the high quality standard like below into reality.

· 100% purely imported Canadian red cedar is the perfect choice for any out door application and is long been the premier wood for sauna construction.

· We use 3 x brushed stainless steel straps to prove a solid structure support. Stainless steel is much more expensive but will never rust or oxidize the cedar wood. The brushed steel has a very attractive look.

· Our doors are pre-hung using "clear" western red cedar. The doors are fully insulated and come with real brass hardware. Our tempered glass door option contains a double pained high heat, tinted glass window.

· Adjustable seat structure, allows for different seat height levels, all seats are made from imported Canadian red cedar and are hand sanded to provide a sliver free comfortable finish.

· Harvia brand 6.0 kW high quality energy efficient electric heaters made with surgical stainless steel , it has the good and stable performance,

· Built in temperature control on the sauna heater including timer for easy sauna control without leaving the sauna.

· Protective Cedar Heater guard protects from accidental contact with hot heater rocks.

· Detailed assembly instructions with illustrations and photos as well as an operating manuals, which helps to make installation simple and interesting.

Thanks for all the customer’s high standard to our outdoor  barrel sauna, we think these production experience will perfect Alphasauna team and  go on to make much more excellent products to the market.


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