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Packaging Live Show

Packaging Live Show


Today our company hosted a livestream about accessory packaging, hosted by our company's Eric and Anson.

Our company's accessories are deeply loved by customers from all over the world. So far, many customers like to place large orders in our company, because our product quality is guaranteed, and the packaging service has been improving and perfecting.

The first is the introduction of our product accessories. It is Eric who explained this part to us.

Here's what he told us

Our factory has a lot of accessories, including wooden barrels, spoons, thermo-hygrometers, hourglasses, backrests, aromatherapy bowls.

The first is to introduce the characteristics of our wood products, whether it is the barrel or the backrest, the thermo-hygrometer, the wood used for all the accessories is triple sanded and polished by us, the surface is very smooth and feels good.

Our bottomless casks feature a plastic base that fits perfectly and is durable

The temperature and humidity meters are processed in a constant temperature room, and the measurement is accurate.

The sand of the hourglass is all dried, we will keep the sand dry enough before put into glass pipe, or we only pick up the sunny weather to fix the sand.

Secondly, the metal, stainless steel and aluminum products used in our accessories are also very strong, and the surface polishing is very shiny.

Our accessories are conventionally packaged with a plastic film with bubbles to protect the accessories and also put a desiccant inside to keep them dry

Each accessory has an exclusive packaging carton to ensure the integrity of the product

There are two options for our packaging carton, kraft carton and color carton, we provide customized service, you can print your company's logo and desired design packaging,

Our kraft paper box has three layers, which is thick and durable, and can be well secured to protect our accessories. Kraft paper boxes can also be printed with logos and patterns

If you have higher requirements for the appearance of the packaging, our color box packaging supports all customization, and can be laser printed with various designs and patterns you want!


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