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What are the differences of the AP-001W-01 and AP-001W buckets in your Catalog?
These two buckets have different thicknesses of wood, the AP-001W-01 is with 1.5cm thickness panel and bottomless version, enough 4L as Europe standard. And AP-001W is a bucket with 1cm thickness panel and bottom, we call 4L and Europe market call 3.5L.
What sauna accessories can you recommend?
Our sauna accessories with more than 250 types choice, like 3-30L wooden sauna buckets, 5-7L aluminum sauna bucket, Plastic sauna bucket, 28-52CM wooden and stainless steel ladles, wooden and aluminum/stainless steel cover thermometer & hygrometer, various kind of sauna sand hourglass, Pillow, backrest, Lamp shade etc products. And there are spruce, red cedar, hemlock, aspen etc various kind of material are available. 
Could you put our logo on the sauna accessories?
Exactly, we can make the logo, and there are many options, the classics manner is burning on wood which looks very brilliant and integral whole, It is widely used in sauna accessories. The other is the aluminum label, and it is not only suitable for aluminum products but also for high taste for wooden sauna accessories. Customer only need to pay the mould at first time, then it can be lasting used free in charge in future cooperation.
Could you accept customized sauna aluminum buckets?
Absolutely, we can accept customized products as per your drawings and dimensions. Our engineers will quickly make the design drawing within 24 hours, and calculate the most preferential cost of grinding tools, then make the sample and deliver it to you within one month.
What is your general specificaion of the aluminum sauna buckets?
Our general sauna aluminum bucket is 5L, with two kinds of handle for choose, straight bamboo handle and curved handle; As for the color, there are champagne gold, coffee, green, wine red and other colors are available.
How do you packing the sauna aluminum buckets?
Our sauna aluminum buckets are packed in safty packaging, 8pcs/carton, each aluminum bucket is separated by a piece of kraft paper, and each two aluminum buckets are separted by shockproof material.
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