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Summary of the conference in March

Summary of the conference in March


Today,our company is hold a conference about sharing some gains and losses of Alibaba new trade Festival in March.

The conference is hold on 15th,April,from10:00am until 10pm,the time have a little long,but we are learn more from the sharing.

Let me share with you the funny meeting next.

Our sales team with 12persons,each person is sharing their met some troubles when negotiate with customer and how to resolve for customers by PPT showed.

For example,when our customers face to trouble in money and affected by epidemic situation,what is more,materials are rare,expensive shipping cost so on, how can we do for them?

This is a sharing from our sales champion,her customers mainly come from Europe,who almost big wholesaler exported many sauna products from China many times.

She said the customer is trouble in money ,Most of the money is spent on other products,haven’t money enough to pay for our sauna products,since the epidemic ,the business is more and more difficult in Europe market ,in addition, the price of cedar continued to rise,lead to many customers fall in troubles.The problem faced by this customer also the same for most customers.

We understand those problem is important ,and we also knew the changes in the market in advance and made a decision to respond in time.

When customers prefer to the cedar wood,just the price exceed their budget,we suggest another material,for example pine,hemlock,thermowood,the most popular is red cedar,then turn to pine,but we would like to thermowood to customer,because it is similar with red cedar ,not only the color ,but also the function,which has anti-corrosion and insect-proof properties,doesn’t contain any harmful substances,it is more suitable use to outdoor,it is will become a new material to replace red cedar in near future.

As to material shortly supplied,add to customer’s can’t pay more ,we can flexibly adjust the deposit,so that can save more cost before price increased and keep the materials for customers.

Our customers are very satisfied with our company's services and the effective solutions we provide, choose to cooperate with us for a long time

We have also received praise from customers, the same product, the same price, he values our company's service more

Thanks for customers trust alphasauna company, we have achieved good results in March. In the future, we will Keep passion to receipt every customer who has demand for our products and provide more professional services.



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