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Take photos of a custom-made sauna

Take photos of a custom-made sauna


Today, I am so happy that one of my Australian customers’ 2100*2100*2100mm thermo-pine square sauna is finished, and I would love to share with you the process of closing this order.

In the beginning, the client wanted a cedar wood sauna, but the price of cedar wood has been rising, he has not made up his mind.

Our Thermo- pine is basically the same in appearance as cedar, has a nice color, and is durable. At the same time, it also shows good anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion function in outdoor use, even better than the performance of cedar.

The wood has been treated by Thermo- technology, the moisture and nutrients in the log are evaporated, so it can be better preserved. And the hemlock material doesn’t have so many stutters, we will pick out the best material to make the most satisfactory product for customers.

 I am so excited to go to the factory to take pictures of the packaged products and send them to him. Our factory promises to provide high-definition pictures of the products for free.We hired professional photographers to help customers take high-definition photos of assembled products, which will help customers to better promote his products in his local market. This is a special service provided by our factory for VIP customers.

Our factory also attaches great importance to the quality control of products from raw material procurement, material selection, assembly to packaging, so our sauna rooms will be assembled in advance before shipment, and then assembled in wooden boxes. 

Our saunas are assembled in the factory to ensure that all accessories are complete.

 First, the housing body is easily damaged during transportation. Secondly, the large volume of the house will cause unnecessary waste of space and increase the freight cost of customers. 

Therefore, our saunas are usually shipped in batches, and customers can assemble them locally, which not only saves the cost of freight for customers, but also allows customers to enjoy the fun after assembly.

Many customers will worry about not being able to assemble because they are not very professional, don't worry, we will provide assembly instructions and videos on paper until customers can assemble independently.

We will provide free technical consultation for life. Our factory delivery time is the shortest in the entire sauna industry.

Do you want to learn more about sauna? Alpha Sauna always welcomes you!


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