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Thermowood wooden sauna bucket with ladle.

Thermowood wooden sauna bucket with ladle.


Glad to received a feedback from my customer,who are very satisfied with our sauna bucket .it makes me very excited.

Why say excited ?would like to share this shock with you next.

This is a customer from America,he contact us by Alibaba platform ,he is looking for 4L wooden sauna bucket with liner in red cedar,and also want the price of pine to cooperate , we can understand this requirement,we also pleased to provide the price for reference,after he check the price of red cedar and pine ,he prefers the cedar,just the price is more expensive than pine ,he want to order big quantities from us if can give him some discount ?we answer sure ,the price is base on sample price,more quantities will be more favorable,customer hear that and very satisfied that,and tell us that he want to expand new products on his website ,and import sauna products at the first time from China.

We consider that he start a new business,and make a unique different from other.

We recommend that a new material ,which is thermowood pine for him,and explain the advantages relative red cedar,the function of thermowood is the same as cedar ,and surface is close cedar wood. Thermowood is heat treatment base on raw pine material by high-temperature carbonization technology of about 200 degrees. Because its nutrients are destroyed, it  has better anti-corrosion and insect-proof functions,and colors do not degrade easily degradation for outdoor,also send him our poster of thermowood for him reference.

He was full of curiosity and looking forward the price,and we offer to him ,he is very satisfied with the price,but he want to try order a sample first and to check the material and quality .

As for a factory,it is no any problem for us ,we can provide customized service from our customer’s requirements,such as packaged ,logo ,size ,design so on .

He is very excited after hear that can be customized,and he want to put his logo on the products when make a formal order.

He can't wait to see the sample of thermowood,and pay for the sample and shipping cost .

When he received the sample,he send us the picture right now ,and tell us ,he are satisfied it,will continue negotiation next order with us.

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