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Welcome New Partners to Alphasauna Team

Welcome New Partners to Alphasauna Team


As an overseas marketing sales manager in Alphasauna, I always know there is a very heavy responsibility to build up our team. Alphasauna is an outstanding enterprise in Alibaba’s promotion and growing up quickly these years since we exported our sauna products directly to the abroad market not only through trade companies. These years, we made a great effort on internet promotion and gained many new excellent customers who cooperated in our sauna accessories, barrel sauna room, wooden hot tub etc. Since more and more inquiries are coming and our current sales representatives can not meet our customers' needs. Under this situation, enlarge export department mission is urgent for Alphasauna. I contacted my university’s teacher who helped to send our company’s employment ad to senior students whose major is International Economics and Trade that can match our job requirements.

And luckily, there was a girl who called Jomie joined us on December 5th, 2018. This is our first new teammate in the past 2 years. Jomie is a very brave girl and came to assume office along by passing 600 kilometre (km.). She said she did not think too much because she likes this job, and the truth is that she really enjoys our team’s working environment. Then she introduced her classmate named Linda, who joined us on December 13th, 2018. This is an open minding, lively and lovely girl, always laughs. She quickly integrated into our sales team and became competent. And after one week passing, Linda introduced her idol in university, after an interview and we finally employed this excellent senior student. The last member of our first new sales team is called Candice, who is a very pretty and diligent girl. She is super considerate and persistent in sales work. She gave us many important suggestions in our documents and website’s improvement. What is more, she ever said to me: Thanks kitty that you gave me a stage and I know what I want.

We believe that they can realize many of their goals in our company: marriage, buying their own cars, owning houses etc. There is a way, there is a will. And I learned a lot in organizing training, sharing experiences during these special days. Love my girls, love my team.

If you want to keep healthy, or want to fight against the snow and windy weather, Alphasauna Silo barrel sauna room would be a nice choice.

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