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Bath tub order for Thermo- materials

Bath tub order for Thermo- materials


I am very happy to share with you a client of my Thermo- hemlock hot tub from Australia.


It's the last day of March, the New Trade Festival is coming to an end, and our company's discount offers are coming to an end.

This is a customer who had contacted me in early March, what she wanted was an 1800*900mm cedar hot tub, but since the price of cedar was too expensive at the time, the lady hesitated and did not place the order so quickly.


This month, we have received many orders for hot tubs from customers. Everyone knows that cedar material has always been very popular in wooden hot tubs. However, because of Canada's restrictions on cedar logging in recent years, the price of cedar materials has been rising, and the price is much more expensive than before, and even many factories were out of stock for a while.


Our company has been worried about the purchase of cedar raw materials, because if the product is too expensive, the market will be unacceptable for a while. So we are always looking for a solution, so that customers who like cedar can also find their favorite products. So our manager has been working on Thermo- wood for the last year.


Just this year, after many experiments and customer feedback, we can finally recommend our Thermo- hemlock products to customers with confidence. It has a similar appearance to cedar, the color is beautiful, and the outdoor corrosion resistance is similar to that of cedar, and it is even more suitable for outdoor use than cedar. Because the Thermo- material has been treated with heating technology, the nutrients and moisture in the wood have been removed, so it has a longer service life.


Our Australian customer asked many hot tub manufacturers and found that all the cedar quotations were still far from his budget. So when he got back to us again, I didn't hesitate to recommend our Thermo- hemlock hot tub. Just at this time, the pictures of our Thermo- hemlock hot barrels have also been prepared, and we can introduce them to him in detail. Even Red wood, a big brand specializing in sauna rooms, has recognized the value of Thermo- materials and launched their new Thermo- material sauna. With so much feedback and data as support, the customer finally agreed to the attempt to heat treat hemlock material.


The quality of our factory is guaranteed to be supervised at every level, and the details can be guaranteed to ensure the quality. We also welcome video inspections of the factory at any time. Because of the quality, we are confident. Customers are also very satisfied when they receive our products, which is a pleasant cooperation:)


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