SINCE 1997


Alphasauna is a professional manufacturer that leads the sauna industry in China. We own a team with 19 years of experience in sauna trade. Sauna, derived from Finland, became popular in China around 1997. Our founder began to be devoted to sauna trade since 1997 and developed a professional technology team, including principals in design, manufacture, QC, and after sales consult.



Our designers from Huawei company has great design ideas and forces on every detail of practicability and popularity in the market. Our design team can help customers to draw out the products around 2-4 hours as long as specific requirements are provided. Besides, our manufacture principal with 19 years of experience can make out new sample come to reality within 24 hours after getting drawings and confirm every detail of manufacture requirements.



Meanwhile, our sales principal has 9 years of experience in sauna trade. Our professional sales personnel has been engaged in the business for more than 10 years here. Our sales team always can well negotiate with customers and solve the problems of customers in the first time. We often receive high speak from customers.

We always can give a professional suggestion as per customer’s requirement. If you cannot find a suitable item in our current sales arrange, our sales team can recommend a satisfactory customized product for you.



In addition to our excellent technical team and professional sales team, the strong after sales service is Alphasauna’s another great advantage in the market. All our after sales consultant has good English skill to make a correct communication. They well note Alphasauna’s construction, features, and functions, so when customer have any problems with installation and use or improper working situations, our sales consultant will work with technical team to solve customer’s problems at the first time. We always can give a helpful solution for customers including sending assemble manual, assemble video, troubleshooting suggestion, etc.

They make sure that the wholesaler enlarges and keeps reputation in their market, a retailer has a stable sales channel and the terminal user can happily enjoy our products.

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