Cedar Barrel Sauna Room


ALPHASAUNA outdoor barrel sauna inspired by the traditional saunas of Finland. And come with electrical heater and wood fired stove. Crafted from weather-resistant Clear cedar and Pine , the sauna’s barrel shape heats more quickly, evenly, and efficiently than typical box-shaped saunas. Two stainless steel bands secure the sauna’s ball-and-socket construction, providing a firm seal while enabling the 13/8"-thick cedar planks to expand and contract. A polymer support keeps the sauna level and off the ground. 

The stainless steel electric heater from Harvia-Finland’s most trusted heater brand since 1950-reaches an optimal 195° F in under an hour, monitored from the built-in thermometer/hygrometer. Dry or wet sauna (includes wooden bucket and ladle). Tempered glass door. Assembly and 220V electric service required. Standard diameter is 1800MM, Luxury model will come 2100MM, and longest size can up to 4800MM if customer need.



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