Cold Plunge Tub & Ice Bath Tub


The Cold Plunge Tub is a type of equipment used for cold water therapy, typically employed to aid in body recovery and relaxation. It is a deep soaking bathtub that can accommodate one or multiple people, with water temperature usually ranging between 8 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Cold Plunge Tub Details:

1. Equipped with Water drain, water inlet/outlet.

2. Chiller system: 9000BTu, 300-600L capacity.1HP=0.75Kw Cooling & Heating.R410A/R32 110-120V.60HZ/220-240V 50HZSetting temp 3~40°c, default temp setting: 25°Cwater can lower 4-5 degress / per hour.

The Primary Benefits Of Using A Cold Plunge Tub Include:

(1)Muscle recovery: The cold water immersion can reduce muscle fatigue and soreness after exercise.

(2)Improved blood circulation: Cold therapy can help constrict blood vessels, increase blood circulation, and boost the body's metabolism.

(3)Enhanced immune system: Cold therapy can also stimulate the body's immune system, enhancing its self-repair function and helping to alleviate illness and inflammation.

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