Cold Plunge Chiller


Alphasauna Is A Company Integrating Independent Research, Design, Production And Sales, Focusing On Hotand Cold Healthy Therapy Products.

Alpha's refrigerators are built with advanced technology to provide a comfortable environment for ice baths. Our Refrigeration Machines Have The Following Features:

1. Powerful enough (1HP) 、 Power loss memory function and Automatic constant temperature system.2. Water and electricity separation system, ULapproved Leakage protection plug.3.Overheat protection and Move the lightning protection function of thepower supply system.4.Automatically self-check system. High-precision sensing system.5. Easy set up and connection, house cover with outdoor metal paint bakingprocess, durable.6.Built-in ozone disinfection device and water filter.

Through Continuous Improvement, Our Refrigerators Carry Functions That Are Constantly Optimized And Their Effects Are Continuously Enhanced. The Following Are The Features Included With The New Refrigerator:

1、LCD touch screen, sensitive control

2、Self-checking system, smart operation

3、Wi-Fi control, independent APP remote control

4、Timer switch, more energy saving

we are not only commited to being yourhealth guardian, we are also on the way to be your marketing guardian and sales guardian. let the world fallin love with made in alphasauna.

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