Alphasauna show products and Corporate image is not only from different website, but also from video including customer’s interview, item’s production process, products feature, products usage etc. From this column, you can learn more information from customer’s saying during interview, most of them are first time to visit Alphasauna, and always we get many words like excellent, surprise, Amazing etc from customer to commend our products and show room. Besides, we are commended as the most beautiful factory for sauna trade in China. This is very proud as alphasauna’s member to get such high speak from customers. 

Besides, Video column is a amazing place for customer to learn all products which produced by Alphasauna, you will origin production process of various kind of sauna accessories including sauna bucket, ladle, sauna sand timer, thermometer and hygrometer, lamp shape, backrest, pillow with spruce/ Pine/ Aspen/ Birch etc. You will see hundreds sauna accessories were produce here, hundreds finished sauna products in show room, hundreds introduction of different woods sauna products. 

Meanwhile, customer also can learn more information of our barrel sauna room and good matching wooden hot tub. Those two items are popular at outdoor purpose. Specially be popular in North of American and North of Europe market. You can tell from video that there are bulk production process and mature workmanship which as Switzerland standard to execute in Alphasauna’s manufacture. The selective raw red cedar and Spruce wood, polishing cutting on surface, symmetrical gap of door between bottom and head-door,considerate and luxury sauna accessories matching. You must can not find another supplier in China that can meet our standard in barrel sauna’s matching. All parts are considered design for specially market’s promotion, customer’s convenient. 

In addition to, our wooden hot tub’s unique workcraft to prevent leakage without silicon on stave assembling. This is obviously difference with other cheap hot tub with silicon installation in Chinese market. You also can learn more details on our video column.



Spruce Outdoor Wooden Hot Tub’s interview with Brunei business partner
Spruce Outdoor Wooden Hot Tub’s interview with Brunei business partner