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Top Quality Stainless Steel Liner Cold Plunge Ice Bath Tub Wholesale-ALPHASAUNA

Top Quality Stainless Steel Liner Cold Plunge Ice Bath Tub Wholesale-ALPHASAUNA

Without limitation
L/C, D/A
Place of Origin
Material: cedar
Certification: CE, CCC, CQC
Availability: OEM, ODM
Delivery Time: 15 Days
Start Port: Shenzhen Port
Supply Ability: 100

Top Quality Stainless Steel Liner Cold Plunge Ice Bath Tub Wholesale-ALPHASAUNA

Alphasauna is a supplier specializing in hot and cold health therapy products, made of high-quality materials and unique design styles.



Oval Ice Bucket Product Details:

This ice bucket is made of cedar wood, but of course it can also be constructed of other woods.

You can choose to buy the ice bucket separately or as a package with a refrigerator.

It can support customized sizes within a small range to ensure that users can enjoy ice baths comfortably.


The Appearance Of The Oval Ice Bucket:

With the texture of cedar wood, the ice bucket has a clear texture and a natural and simple design.

The lid is made of leather material, giving it a premium feel and adding a unique aesthetic to the overall appearance of the ice bucket.



Oval Ice Bucket Leather Lid:

The leather material has good thermal insulation properties, which can maintain the water temperature in the bucket and prolong the melting speed of the ice cubes.

Compared with other materials, the leather cover is not easy to be damaged or cracked.

The leather material has good waterproof properties, which can prevent rainwater or other liquids from penetrating when not in use, ensuring that the inside of the bucket is clean and hygienic.



Ice Bucket Drainage System:

There are two pipes on the outside of the ice bucket for water outlet and water inlet, and the black and white pipes are connected to each other.

The pipe interface is fixed with iron wires and screws to prevent the pipe from falling off and causing water leakage.

There is a drain port at the bottom of the stainless steel liner, which can be easily opened and drained of the water in the barrel.

You can use the refrigerator to lower the water temperature to a comfortable range and then discharge it into the ice bucket to improve the efficiency and experience of the ice bath.


Stainless Steel Belt For Ice Bucket:

The outside of the ice bucket is bound by two stainless steel straps to ensure that the ice bucket is stronger and more durable.

Stainless steel strips are not easily corroded and will not corrode when exposed to water or other liquids.

Stainless steel is a recyclable material and has certain environmental protection.

The stainless steel strip has a glossy feel and can improve the overall visual effect of the ice bucket.

Wood may deform and crack due to the influence of ambient temperature. Stainless steel strips can reinforce the outside of the ice bucket and extend the service life of the ice bucket.


Alphasauna has never stopped pursuing innovation and improvement. We are not only committed to being your health guardian, we are also becoming your marketing guardian and sales guardian.



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