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Video of assembly hot tub

Video of assembly hot tub


This is a video we prepared for a Germany customer,who place a order with 2 containers from us at his first order.

It is the first time cooperation between us ,

You must be wondering what made him to place such a large order with us in view of first cooperation. Let me share with you next .

This is customer who from Germany,I got his information from Google,and through his exquisite website,well know that he a professional wholesaler on sauna industry,so I screwed up my courage and sent him a message by email,just want to recommend our similar products to him.

Fortunately,he kindly reply back to me,and send his requirements to me,he want to expand new products about hot tubs with internal wood fired stove,for 4-8 persons,clear red cedar ,I recommend our regular size  1800mm and 2100mm diameter ,and 1000mm height,for clear red cedar ,as to shortly supply and price is very very expensive,we don’t suggest customer to choose it when exceed their budget,so I recommend thermowood to him,because thermowood is similar to cedar on functions and surface color,and price is competitive and reasonable.

Customer accept my suggest to choose the thermowood,when I told him that we will provide him a free liner for each hot tub,he is very happy that, would like to know the price of pine wood,after he compare the price and check his local market,he want to develop a new product with high quality and best price,finally he choose pine material,and decide to order 32sets for 1800*1000mm,32sets for 2100*1000mm.

I am very excited and have a little can’t believe that he will order a large order at the first time,when I confirm with him again,his words let me have a deep impress.He told me he have been payed attention to alphasauna for a long time,and well know the good quality of our products.

We are very happy to hear from customer’s high appraise.

When we get that he want to promote his hot tubs in advance.

Our company decide to invite professional photographer to do a exquisite video of assembly hot tub for him,the video takes 2days,our very strictly request for video, just want to achieve the perfect result ,repeated many times ,but it is deserve to do this.

Alphasuana will always freely provide better service for each customer!

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