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Fire safety drill day

Fire safety drill day


Today is Fire Safety Day, and all our factory staff participated in this fire drill.


I will share some of our experience and experience in participating in this exercise training.


First, we must recognize the importance of fire safety work. The occurrence of fire is the most common, prominent and most harmful disaster in real life, and it is a major problem directly related to the safety of people's lives and property. Therefore, we must clearly realize that "safety is benefit", "fire protection work is the guarantee of other work", and firmly establish the idea of "safety first". Put the safety production work in a responsible attitude to the public, clarify the responsibilities, and pay close attention to the implementation. Always be prepared for danger and take precautions before it happens.


Second, we must strengthen the study of fire common sense. When we are trapped in a fire and our lives are threatened, while waiting for fire rescue, if we can take effective self-rescue measures using the terrain or objects around us, we can escape better. The escape from fire cannot only be hoped for "wisdom in urgency". Only by learning, mastering and storing fire fighting knowledge can we escape from danger. Therefore, we must be familiar with the use of fire extinguishing equipment, fire escape, personnel evacuation and self-rescue methods.


Third, maintain a good attitude. When facing the billowing smoke and the raging fire, it is especially important to maintain a good attitude and calm down. Because only by maintaining a calm state of mind, can we calmly and rationally implement fire self-rescue and escape, and it is very possible to save ourselves and even others. On the contrary, there will be no way to argue, panic and choose the road, resulting in the loss of favorable escape opportunities.


In this exercise, we learned how to use common fire-fighting equipment at home:

1. Foam fire extinguisher: suitable for fighting general fires, such as oil products, grease and other fires. How to use: When the distance from the ignition point is about 10 meters, the cylinder can be turned upside down, hold the lifting ring with one hand, and hold the bottom ring of the cylinder with the other hand, and aim the jet at the burning material.

2. Dry powder fire extinguisher: Dry powder fire extinguisher is suitable for flammable, flammable liquid, gas and electrical equipment fires; when putting out a fire, you can carry the fire extinguisher on your hand or shoulder quickly to the fire scene, and put down the fire extinguisher about 5 meters away from the burning place. With the other hand, press down the opening lever and turn on the fire extinguisher to put out the fire.


Our factory must ensure the safety and quality of the factory on the premise of making good products, and be a qualified manufacturer that knows how to cooperate with fire protection work.



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