A funny story from my order


Today ,I am very surprised of receiving a gift from my Japanese customer,who is a very kind man,we talk a lot ,In the process, we are become a good friend,not only on business,there will be a deep memory in my life,will never forget it.

He is looking for a special sauna room,and inquiry us through Alibaba Platform.

He ask for customized a size diameter2.4M,height2.4M,length4M square sauna room with change room,he want to expand new business in sauna ,he is not sure which material is best and worried the price is too expensive.Actually ,the red cedar is the best in all materials and its the price always is expensive on market,never down,in order to save customer’s cost,we recommend another material which is thermowood ,the price is reasonable,and this is material is similar to red cedar on functions and color,just there will have a different from the smell.The smell of thermowood looks like chocolate.Fortunately, customers have a certain understanding of thermowood,so he accept this material soon.

At the first time ,he ask for customizing “mushroom sauna",and send us some photos of this type,I send it to my engineer to check if can be made,and our engineer told me ,it is no problem to do ,just the price will very expensive ,when the price is calculated ,which exceed customer’s budget.Finally ,he choose our type from our website.He want the bench with 2steps in the sauna room,it is no any difficult for us,I recommend our customized bench to him,and he is very satisfied it .A stove is essential to a sauna,when I ask he what stove do you want?because we have electrical stove and wood fired stove,then he don’t how to make a decision about stove ,he want to buy both,just worried two stove will takes up a lot of space,and he tell me the power often cut in their local,and often raining in summer.I understand his situation,and would like to know he buy the sauna use for outdoor or indoor?He say that use for his yard,is near from house,if for outdoor ,I suggest our wood fired stove ,just need many woods to burn,he want to consider our electrical sauna ,our electrical stove fix for 220-240V,110V,380-410V ,and ask him which voltage is meet to your local requirements? He say the 220-240V is ok.It need to match a 12kw sauna stove for his sauna,just hariva stoves are not fix to 220-240V when more than 12KW,but our alphasauna brand stove can be done,he glad to hear that ,finally choosing the our domestic stove.The problem of stove have a perfect resolution.

In view of the sauna room use to outdoor ,we usually to suggest customer to buy a asphalt title roof,so that can protect the sauna from bad weather and keep better,sometime ,my some customers will ask how to maintenance for sauna and keep more long time in life time?this is a good question ,we will suggest to customer to buy a wood oil to apply to the outside of the sauna.

He decide to payment to us,he don’t know how to pay,if need to pay full ?When I tell him ,we can accept alibaba insurance order,and TT transfer by bank,If you are worried about the goods can’t be delivery within prescribed time after payment,you can choose to pay by alibaba insurance order,there are third party guarantees.

My customer are very appreciate my persistence and offer a lot of helps.

Finally,he gave us a 50% down payment without hesitation,I very grateful to him trusting and choosing alphasauna company,we won’t you upset.

At one day,he tell me that he sent a cookies to me,just posting system was stopped because of Covit-19 around Shanghai. But it will be delivered soon,hope to share the cookies with my colleagues when received.I’m very happy and excited to hear that,and never meet such customer like him.It is deserve for me to provide better service and help to each customers,your hard work will eventually pay off.

Alphasauna is absolutely a supplier in sauna products, it is worth to work with us.



Alphasauna products are sold worldwide.

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