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the feedback of the sample from a new German customer

the feedback of the sample from a new German customer


Q:Hi ,Janny,I learned that you received a feedback from a German customer yesterday. May I ask the specific situation of this client, why he chooses our company?

A:Of course,First let me introduce the client:

He doesn't know much about sauna products. He was a seller of offline products before. Due to the impact of the epidemic, he began to consider selling products on Amazon as well. According to his market research, he found that sauna products are very popular, so he also wanted to start a sauna product store. 

So he looked for a supplier of sauna products and found us. It just so happened that our company's factory has also released a lot of new products recently. It just so happened that our products attracted him. He liked the product images we took very much and thought it was very delicate and beautiful, so we were very happy to cooperate.

Q:Do you have any problems during the order negotiation? How to make customers trust our products

A:During the negotiation, the picture on our quotation table made the customer mistakenly think that our bucket and spoon is a set, he thought the price of a single bucket is the price of the set. 

After explaining the misunderstanding to the customer, the customer thinks that the products we sell like this are very expensive. 

We explained to him: because our spoons are also made of the same craft as wooden barrels, and many customers like our wooden spoons, we often sell them separately. Our quality is absolutely worth the money: the same price comparison, our quality is more than many factories, so the price is totally acceptable.

 After listening to our explanation, the customer was still a little hesitant, so we chose to make a sample list for the customer.

Q:What is our MOQ, can our factory do even small orders?

A:Of course, our MOQ is generally 50 pieces, and many of the first orders are sample orders.The first transaction is very important, so we will pay attention to every small order. Our company's mission is that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

So we are all very happy to make sample orders and let customers check our quality and believe in our quality. 

Q:What is the feedback submitted by the customer? What are the specific aspects of the product that he is satisfied with?What would you like to say to this client?

A:Our product is shown in the picture,:the surface of the barrel is very smooth, because the barrel feels very good after being hand-sanded by our three-layer process. The sand of the hourglass is dry, non-stick, and accurate timing; the thermometer and hygrometer are also tested by us many times to ensure accurate measurement. 

What you see is what you get, so customers are very satisfied. This is a pleasant cooperation. I also hope that this customer's store can become better and better, and we can carry out long-term cooperation with high-quality quality.

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