Custom panoramic barrel sauna


Recently, I received an inquiry about barrel saunas from a customer in Australia. Let's go through the process of our discussion.

First, since he was using it for personal use, he wanted to customize something unique for his sauna. So he started by asking me if I could customize what I wanted. I told him that our company has ODM&OEM service and accepts customer customization. Customers can customize the style, size and Logo they want. The customer was very interested.He told me that he had found many companies to customize the sauna he wanted, and he was really excited to find our company to customize it.

For material on this, the customer have a special liking to cedar is really, I give him to quote the price after he began to feel a bit expensive, but he and I explained that due to scarce of the cedars materials with the market price has been rising crazy, so cedar wood material price is very expensive, we recommend that he used another kind of material, But the customer really liked the smell of cedar wood, so the customer chose cedar wood in the end.

The size of the customized sauna room is 2100*3200MM, with a 600MM dressing room and acrylic glass. LED lights are added inside the sauna room, and three additional backrest bars are added to the stool part. Sauna room with a locker room is very convenient for customers to rest or change clothes, equipped with LED lights, soft make the sauna room inside looks very sweet, add extra three rung back of a chair, let a person sitting more comfortable, the other with a sauna acrylic glass inside at the same time also can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window, It really makes people feel very relaxed and happy.

In addition, after comparing prices with other suppliers, the customer found that our prices were relatively reasonable, and finally chose to cooperate with our company.Speaking of which, my client and I are looking forward to the sauna when it is finished. It will be great!

Alphasauna specializes in the production of sauna room, hot tub, sauna accessories, we can accept customer customization requirements, if you want to customize a set of unique sauna, please contact us, we can help you achieve this wish!

Now this sauna is ready for production! Let's take a look!


Alphasauna products are sold worldwide.

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