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How do you pack and protect your sauna?
Our sauna room will be splitted in portions and then packed with wooden carton which is sea-worthy and can help to protect the item strongly even though in bad weather.
What does your quotation about this indoor barrel sauna room included?
The quotation of our indoor barrel sauna room are including barrel sauna, foundation, sauna door, seat, guard bar, hanger, cup holder, footstep, headrest 1pcs, harvia sauna heater, sauna bucket, ladle, sand timer, thermometer and hygrometer, stainless, steel aroma cup, fragrance oil, sauna panel etc completely luxury sets, Waterproof shingle extra if need.
How long is the guarantee for your indoor sauna?
The guarantee of sauna body and electric appliance are different. Sauna body have a three-five years guarantee; Wood burning sauna heaters and electrical heater have a one-year guarantee.
Why choose the cedar wood to made the sauna room?
The cedar wood has a smooth, knotless surface with the unique self-contained aroma, can provide a good sauna experience in the sauna room. Moreover, the cedar wood equips a disinfection function, so that the comfortable sauna experience can be improved. And the color of the cedar wood is deep, which is applied to the sauna room to be beneficial to keeping the color of the room body bright for a long time.
Which is the most hot selling size of your indoor sauna room?
There is no correct most hot selling size. Different customers have different demands. Alphasauna are professional in dry barrel sauna room with custom, OEM and OEM service for every size you want.
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