Feedback of barrel sauna room from Belgium


This is a brilliant photo shared by a Belgium customer who is a wholesaler. He builds up a special website to advertise Alphasauna’s barrel sauna room for high Europe market share.
Alphasauna is happy to supply customers products with their own logo design. The products include barrel sauna, sauna door, seat, guard bar, hanger, cup holder, footstep, headrest, electrical sauna heater, sauna bucket, ladle, sand timer, thermometer and hygrometer, stainless steel aroma cup, fragrance oil, sauna panel, etc.

Alpha barrel sauna room in Belgium
Details of alpha barrel sauna
Intallation of barrel sauna room
High quality accessories of alphasauna barrel
Alphasauna barrel sauna
Assemble of barrel sauna room


Alphasauna products are sold worldwide.

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